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Welcome to my World

I have decided to go from livejournal to blogger as of today. You can find me at http://smiley-netta.blogspot.com/ Please add that blog instead of this one if you wish to follow me!

Hello, fellow Blizzard Boghoppers! Welcome to my world! What all is a part of my world, you ask? My husband (of whom I am proud to be called his wife) that serves in the US Air Force, and the reason we are living in Europe. My boys, that even though neither of them were planned, are of the utmost importance to me. My friends, to whom I am completely loyal and committed to. Books, books, and more books. I have never, in my life, made it a secret of how much of a bookworm I am and how much I love to learn. My crafting, which is the only way I keep my sanity most days. Knitting, crocheting, beading, and playing with clay are my current obsessions, though that's always open to expand and/or grow. I love to make things with my hands for nothing other than the sake of watching it take form under my fingers. Music, while no longer in the form of band and choir (of which I took part of both in high school), will remain a vital part of my life until the day I die.

I have always had an explorer's spirit, and am ecstatic to have the opportunities abroad that I do (with an emphasis on all things France and French!). I love to discover new little tidbits about the most random and seemingly insignificant details that I can, and am a hard core Harry Potter fan. There is so much more to me than I could fit into a few sentences, but that's the gist of it all. Oh, and I smile. A lot. In fact, because of my tendency towards optimism and all things cheery, my user name around the web tends to have the words "netta" and some form of "smile" in it. :) (Yes, my excessive smiling extends to emoticons, too...) I hope to meet some amazing people through this bloghop! Feel free to hop on board or not. :)


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Jan. 28th, 2011 02:31 am (UTC)
It's great to meet you!

Hallee the Homemaker
Jan. 28th, 2011 09:03 am (UTC)
Stopping by from the blog hop! So glad to meet other milspouse wives and especially those overseas. I am sure you will learn to love Germany as we have and there are so many wonderful things to do and explore here it will never be dull for sure.
Mrs. M from www.inthemilitaryandonthemove.blogspot.com
Jan. 28th, 2011 09:07 am (UTC)
I already love Germany! ;D We just PCS'd up here from Italy, so I'm used to the living overseas bit, and am excited to get out and about more here than I got to at our previous station! :)
Jan. 28th, 2011 11:03 am (UTC)
Thanks for stopping by!
Thanks for the lovely comments! I checked out your blog briefly- great photos of all your projects. I really should learn to crochet too since I hear it's easier, I just can't seem to wrap my brain around it like I can with knitting. Weird, huh?

Back in WI, my husband and I were a party of a community band- nothing serious, just people that wanted to play for fun. I wonder if they have those here in Germany? Church would be a place to look I suppose (the church I go to now is really small though), but I prefer being in a larger concert band- I'm NOT a soloist, haha.
Jan. 28th, 2011 11:06 am (UTC)
Re: Thanks for stopping by!
LOL I would LOVE solos...but only when I ask for them! I'm not so happy about them when I'm put on the spot by someone else! I think getting in on a community band would be AWESOME! I didn't even think to check into that!
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